Before DBMaaS

Hardware and OS sprawl with soaring costs is the reality of today’s Data Center. Manual processes are labor intensive, prone to mistakes and difficult to scale. Time-lag from idea to execution is the reality in data center environment.
IT managers get pulled in different directions and the scenario is confusing - to say the least. Data movement among dev, test and prod is cumbersome.

With DBMaaS

Tech Mahindra DBMaaS, powered by Robin, provides you an out-of-the-box solution for Application virtualization and end-to-end lifecycle management for Applications as well as Data. The offering comes with an inbuilt service wrap backed by a strong ecosystem and support. This POC-driven phased model is vendor agnostic and helps you streamline your data center infrastructure.

No Matter What

We tackle your challenges

Easy Transition, and simple Application + Data Lifecycle Management

The solution offers transition from an as-is Enterprise data center to a highly optimized and managed database-as-a-service model to run more efficiently, change faster, and implement scalable infrastructure. With a complete set of ecosystem of services such as DBaaS consulting, database migration, implementation, and operation services, DBMaaS enables a POC-driven phased adoption for a seamless transition.

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Higher Costs
  • Hardware & networking
  • Licensing
  • Administration
  • Skilled personnel
  • VM overhead and sprawl
  • Noisy neighbor issue
  • Siloed application deployment
  • No flexibility or agility to scale
Low Efficiency
  • Lack of lifecycle management
  • Low operational efficiency
  • Lack of data management
  • >30 days for new deployment
Hardware Woes
  • Low consolidation ratio
  • Inefficient hardware utilization
  • No migration strategy
  • Data storage issues

Lower Hardware Costs


Faster Deployment


Better Hardware Utilization


Lower IT & OPEX Costs


Lower Software Licensing Costs


Regain control over your data center infrastructure

Dual Efficiency – TechM Powered by Robin Application Virtualization Platform. Service-wrapped out-of-the-box solution – Robin AVP features such as decoupled compute and storage, Application and data lifecycle management, snapshot, time-travel and more – combined with TechM end-to-end data infrastructure services for a highly optimized database-as-a-service model – services such as DBaaS consulting, database migration, and implementation as well as operation services.

The DBMaaS Advantage

Transition from as-is to an organized data center infratructure
Change Faster, Run Faster

Leverage transition, implementation services to plan and make the move to an optimized data center. Simplify Application and cluster deployment – Whether you need to deploy a single Application or a cluster, accomplish the task easily with a few clicks.


Achieve significant hardware and software cost reduction – Consolidate existing hardware, leverage commodity hardware, create shared resources infrastructure and allocate resources dynamically, save on licensing costs.

Scale with Agility

Get guaranteed performance & elastic scalability – Gain performance predictability with end-to-end QoS & bare-metal performance with DBMaaS. Set min-max IOPS for your Applications from an intuitive GUI. Scale up or scale out with just a few clicks.

Manage Apps & Data

Achieve database vendor and technology ggnostic lifecycle management & take the pain out of Application and Data lifecycle management – go seamlessly from define to deploy to lifecycle management without affecting performance.

Infrastructure Management as a Service

Vendor agnostic solution for your Data Center Infrastructure

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